Joe Biden: Everything Will Change Once "Black and Brown" Voters Have Their Chance to Vote

Joe Biden didn’t bother showing up in New Hampshire given the predictable results but he wasn’t laying low. The Biden campaign instead hurried ahead to one of the states they consider a “firewall” state, South Carolina.

On Tuesday evening as the New Hampshire results were rolling in, Biden took the stage in Charleston where he was greeted with a warm and energized reception. Biden looked very comfortable and even relieved to be in familiar territory, given his current trajectory. But watching Biden in his element is a reminder that his candidacy isn’t quite finished yet.

After being introduced by his wife, Biden took the mic, made some friendly jokes and reminded the audience that his despite his performances in the first two primary states, he still had the highest confidence in Latino and African American voters to put some wind in his sails. He went to remind the audience that nearly 99% of Latino and African American voters had not yet had the chance to cast their primary votes, and that is where he predicts a strong showing.

“Tonight we just hear from the first of the two states. Two of them. Not the whole nation. Not half the nation. Not a quarter of the nation. Not ten percent. Two. Now where I come from that’s the opening bell, not the closing bell.”

The South Carolina primary will be held February 26.

Biden’s full remarks can be viewed here.


Kira Davis
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