[Listen] Should Los Angeles County Be Closing Gun Shops Right Now?Los Angeles sheriff Alex Villanueva has ordered gun shops to close for the second time in less than a week, after the first order was halted by county counsel as they worked to decide if gun shops would be considered “essential” businesses. Villanueva instituted the order after a sharp rise in gun purchases, citing worries that too many untrained people are suddenly in possession of weapons.

What happens to a human right if it is suspended? Why do we consider 2A a right? What good or harm does suspending 2A do? Is there a good compromise to be made here? Is closing gun shops really comparable to suspending the second amendment or is that a bit hysterical?

As always on my podcast, I take the most popular talking points on big issues and draw them out their logical conclusions. After you’ve listened, weigh in on the arguments I’ve made. Do they make sense or am I missing something?

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Kira Davis
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