Due to its apparent penchant to having employers unionized based on “card check,” it would seem that Media Matters’ CEO David Brock would be against forcing his workers to go through the arduous process of actually voting for the Service Employees International Union, rather than merely accepting the SEIU without an election.

Nevertheless, despite Media Matters’ prior defense of the SEIU. it appears that Brock & Co. are not voluntarily recognizing the union based on card check>

On April 10th, the SEIU filed an election with the Baltimore region of the National Labor Relations Board to have an election for 50 employees working for the George Soros-funded media “monitor.”

According to the National Labor Relations Board’s website, Media Matters has hired the high-priced, management-side law firm of Perkins Coie.

Although former Obama White House Counsel Bob Bauer is a partner in the firm, Perkins Coie’s website boasts of helping employers in all aspects of traditional labor law:

Whether directly negotiating collective bargaining agreements, developing strike contingency plans or defending unfair labor practice proceedings, Perkins Coie Labor & Employment attorneys provide employers with decades of experience managing traditional labor law issues…

…As the Obama NLRB continues to issue union-friendly decisions, we understand the attendant challenges that employers face in developing and maintaining productive employee relations and economic sustainability.

One can only assume that this also means helping employers to thwart union organizing campaigns as well.

While a NLRB-conducted election is likely weeks away, several questions emerge:

  • Will David Brock live up to his pro-union progressive values by remaining “neutral” during the SEIU’s campaign to unionize MMA staff? Or, will Brock campaign vigorously against unionization?
  • If Media Matters’ employees do vote to unionize, will Brock bargain in good faith? Or,…
  • Has the SEIU already given Brock a “sweetheart deal?”

Only time will tell before we know the answers to any of these questions.
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