I have always been of the opinion that you can tell how a man feels about women by the way he treats women. However, in 2012, the fact that Mitt Romney was by all accounts a doting and supportive husband to Ann, they saw fit to run a campaign based on innuendo and alleged dog whistles. And so it is that the leader of the campaign that made virtually infinite amounts of hay out of “binders of women” today unloaded a complete barrage of anti-female rhetoric against Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst:

“I know that this state is know for its wind energy, for corn, for soybeans, but that woman is an onion of crazy,” she said. “Every time you peel back a layer, you find something more disturbing about her views.”

What’s that you called Ms. Ernst, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz? “That woman”? What is it that you’re suggesting about her? That she’s… emotionally unstable? Led about by her feelings? After all, what’s a little gaslighting among women?

Joni Ernst has faced more dangerous situations during her time in Iraq than the infantile comments of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, so it’s not like she really needs the likes of me to defend her. But it is revealing the way Democrats think about women when their guard is down. If a woman wants to have an abortion then Democrats are very interested in paying for it. If they are doing anything else, especially thinking outside the box of received Democrat orthodoxy, they are objects of utter contempt and frank sexism.

There is a War on Women; it’s just not the one Democrats have imagined in their own head.