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Via NYMag comes some pretty shocking video from Ferguson last night. By all media accounts, last night was the first night of relative calm in several days and the crowd had settled in to peaceful protest. In the middle of this comes two astonishing videos of a police officer (I cannot tell which department he is with) threatening to kill protesters who were engaged in no obvious acts of violence at all, including aggressively pointing what appears to be a tricked out carbine, a police version of the Army’s M4A1 at the crowd. Warning: pervasive language warning:


Again, obviously, we don’t have the full context on video but from the police’s own accounts, last night was a much calmer night. There is nothing to indicate anything occurring other than protesters walking with their hands in the air, as described by the video’s narrator. The cop in question, who refused to identify himself (unless he truly does have an unfortunate name) can be clearly heard screaming “I will f***ing kill you!” at someone as he points his weapon at the recipient of the threat. In another video of the same officer, one of the other officers on the scene finally realizes that Officer GFY pointing this very large gun at protesters and threatening their lives might not be a good idea and comes by and at least gets him to lower the weapon:


I don’t know this guy’s story but I think it’s fairly obvious for the safety of all concerned that he should perhaps be pulled off crowd control for the immediate future. To say nothing of facing potential disciplinary charges, depending on the facts of the case. I can see nothing that occurs on the video that would justify an actual threat on the lives of these protesters but at least this time everyone escaped from this situation with their lives.

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