Not to be outdone in attack ad desperation by Mark Pryor, Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis has decided to accuse Greg Abbott of essentially being pro-cancer:


As you might have guessed, the ad uses shock value to make up for what it lacks in factual accuracy. This takedown of Abortion Barbie’s ad by Austin’s local NBC affiliate is pretty brutal, even though it is clearly trying to avoid saying that every word in the ad is a lie:


The bottom line here is that Abbott’s office was one of 14 members of the oversight committee over the CPRIT funds and that Abbott himself designated a representative to sit on the committee and never cast a single vote. When confronted with demands to back up the claims made in the video, the Davis campaign could not verify any of them, except to note that Abbott had received some boots and tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game from one of his donors, all of which was properly and legally disclosed.

Normally ads this sensational and desperate are saved until the last couple weeks of the campaign so that the fact checking cannot pick them apart and reduce their shock value. The fact that the Davis campaign is running them this early indicates just how desperate they are.