It’s one where you get interrupted when you try to spin the stupid things that your candidates say.


For those without video, it shows: George Stephanopoulos (!) playing a clip of Joe Biden’s infamous ‘buried’ gaffe*; asking Robert Gibbs whether gaffes like this will hurt the Vice President in his upcoming debate with Paul Ryan**; and stopping Gibbs cold when Gibbs tried to claim that Biden was talking about the last eight years*** when Biden clearly said four. Pure entertainment, in other words: oh, I’m sure that there were plenty of softballs and whatnot. It’s Stephanopoulos, after all. But perhaps the Media is figuring out that smacking the Democrats around a bit promises to be good for the ratings…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*ProTip: Never talk about how the last four years have been awful for a particular demographic when you’re one of the people who’s been in charge for the last four years.

**I am not trying to be cute, here: but we – and more importantly, Paul Ryan – need to be prepared to deal with the fact that Joe Biden can and will lie with a straight face in public. It kept him from being President; but apparently the Media doesn’t mind a habitual liar in the VP slot.

***Which is interesting, all on its own. Apparently the habits of 2008 are still strong in 2012; and while I agree that it would be more fun for Obama to run against Bush he’s, well, not.