This is, indeed, the maturity level that one has come to expect from Democratic candidates these days:

On June 27, former Colorado Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff oversaw a group of volunteers chalking the sidewalk of the government district office of U.S. Representative Mike Coffman in protest over immigration issues. The political protest ended when the building manager, Quyet Dang, arrived in the parking lot and told the crew if they didn’t clean up the chalk he would call the police. The chalking ended almost immediately, but the cleanup took 15-30 minutes, or even longer than that according to some sources. Regardless of how long the cleanup lasted, the tapes show Romanoff leaving before it is finished.

It’s not so much that Andrew Romanoff wrote on the sidewalk with chalk.  That’s vaguely immature and silly, yes, but people do do that.  What fascinates is that Romanoff thinks that other people need to clean up the messes that he makes.  I will concede that this is a common attitude for Democratic politicians to make; but you’d think that the DCCC would have vetted their candidate pool to make sure that they didn’t have anybody without sufficient mother-wit to display this attitude in public.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I’m not saying that Andrew Romanoff should go to jail.  I do think that if you draw with chalk on somebody’s sidewalk, and they come to complain… you don’t leave the cleanup to underlings.  Own your own immaturity; paradoxically, it’s the adult thing to do.