Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. leaves the stage after her speech at the Center for American Progress’s Second Annual Policy Conference in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014.  (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Senator Elizabeth Warren has a real problem understanding what ‘consent’ means: as this Tweet from Jake Tapper reveals, the Senator zooms right past the fact that Supreme Court Justices are confirmed with the ‘advice and consent of the Senate’ to complain that the Senate has preemptively announced that it has no intention of consenting to any more of Barack Obama’s judicial picks. Which is entirely the Senate’s prerogative.  Period. End Sentence. Have a nice day.

I am, of course, utterly distressed that Senator Warren is a screaming hypocrite on this issue.  Apparently, the Senate is just supposed to put out judicial confirmations on command whenever the President wants them to, and never you mind how often the President has abused his authority by assaulting the dignity of his legislative ‘partners’ with vicious attacks, insults, and insinuations. But then: it is the wont of progressive women to enable the awful behavior of progressive men.  We know this; it’s a distressingly familiar scenario. I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Nonetheless: no means NO, Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Our call, our choice. You are not entitled to make us supinely do whatever you want. So don’t act like you have that privilege.