Roy Barnes seems to have his party’s nomination sewn up for Governor of Georgia, but the Republicans have seven names on the ballot, with three over double figures. SurveyUSA took a look.

Barnes is well over 50 for the Democrats, but a runoff appears certain for the Republicans. The only question is which two will make it?

Ignoring the scattered Republicans near the margin of error, we see three candidates with a real shot to make the runoff. John Oxendine looks to be a lock to make the second round, but at only 34% he seems far from assured of winning that runoff.

Behind him though are two others playing musical chairs for the last spot, and currently Karen Handel has a slim 18-17 lead (MoE 3.6) over Nathan Deal for second place. At 55/45 lead probabilities, this poll says it’s nearly a coin flip between the two to make it into the runoff.

Amusingly enough only 17% are undecided, leaving another 14% scattered. Some runoffs are just formalities but this one in Georgia doesn’t look like it will be a sure thing at all for the likely first round winner, Oxendine. There are just too many votes unaccounted for, as the race stands today per SurveyUSA.

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