Public Knowledge, one of the extreme leftists organizations pushing for socialized Internet, with Net Neutrality as the latest wedge to grow government, has been at this a while. Their former President, Gigi Sohn, even left to go work at the FCC to fight for extremism from within. And now we find out just how extreme they are.

Harold Feld, their Senior Vice President and Legal Director, has decided publicly to make fun of critics of the plan they support for government regulation of the Internet, Title II Reclassification of Internet services as … suddenly no longer information services for some reason. He decided to bring up ebola, even as right now people are actually dying of it, and it’s a fear people are actually having right now. Alinskyite tactics here, folks. Just push emotional buttons rather than engage on the issues.

Everything the left is doing right now centers on government control of the Internet. They want the feds to end state control over cities, an issue Gigi Sohn’s new boss is defying Congressional oversight on though Ajit Pai’s chief of staff Matthew Berry warns that’s a terrible idea even for Democrats.

We see them even using foreign money to push the matter.

It’s all about government power, that they want to take and to defend by any means necessary, even though American Internet access is getting better and better, as even Netflix is reluctantly joining in the investment needed to make American Internet improve.

Uber’s wising up. Crony politics picks winners and losers against them, so they’re hiring an insider to get their own way.

On the heels of attacking accounts that were falsely going after the wrong people for the Ferguson shooting, Twitter is removing accounts that post beheading videos on their service. It’s not censorship, it’s freedom of speech to control what goes on their service.