The Democrats say that gun grabber talk is paranoid, and all they want are ‘common sense’ restrictions on guns to prevent crime.

That’s lie. Don Beyer, Democrat from Virginia (and sadly my member of Congress) is proving it this week.

// // // // // // 1600w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" /> Dale Thompson, seen in his gun store in Purcellville, Va., Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)[/caption]

Should it be legal to buy and sell guns, given that we have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? The Virginia General Assembly thinks so. It will not allow local governments in Virginia to harass gun stores, with the aim of inhibiting the Second Amendment rights of Virginians. This is because Virginia is a sovereign power, and can overrule grabby local governments, which are prone to faction (as written about in The Federalist).

That principle has been expressed in the courts as the Dillon Rule, which Don Beyer, Virginia Democrat, writes about like it’s a technicality, and is responding to this with legislation.

He wants to empower ATF to swoop in, since Virginia won’t pass gun control, to begin “properly regulating the sale of guns” and “crack down” on gun dealers he doesn’t like, presumably including the two new gun stores in Arlington County, Virginia.

At least he admits that “The ATF Enforcement Act will not solve the problem of gun violence or wipe away the objections which so many have expressed against these gun stores,” meaning this is about growing the federal government at the expense of our civil liberties, and of state government.