When it comes to Barack Obama tearing stuff down on the way out the door, we have to worry about more just the release of Bradley Manning, the mentally ill patsy who committed a serious crime against the United States.

The incoming Republican administration can take one easy step to save jobs in America, in response to this economic vandalism by the outgoing Obama team.

It turns out that the Obama team is filing a bunch of midnight litigation on the way out the door, swiping at American businesses and trying to do as much damage as they can in these closing days. Qualcomm is a victim of some of this midnight litigation.

What the incoming Donald Trump administration can do to help is to announce that these lawsuits will be dropped. Just cut it all off. Stop harassing business. Tell victims like Qualcomm that all they need to do is to stall a week, and the Trump team will put everything back to normal.

There are very few ways that Obama’s people can do damage that the Trump people cannot reverse. Releasing criminals is one of them. Starting lawsuits is not. Trump should begin work now to start dropping these suits as soon as possible.