Teachers and other authority figures commit a heinous breach of trust when they abuse young people in their care. It’s a serious offense to use those kids they are in charge of to gratify their own sexual urges.

What’s interesting with a recent case of this in New Jersey, is that Islamic culture is being blamed by the offender.


We’ve heard this before, in Australia. An 20 year old Islamist “refugee” raped a 10 year old boy and claimed he shouldn’t be punished because in his Islamic homeland, it was acceptable. It happened in Austria as well, with another attack by another 20 year old “refugee” from another country, attacking another 10 year old boy.

Now the Islamic sexual abuse has come to America. A New Jersey teacher, 20 at the time, selected boys to abuse, ages 14 and 16 this time. One boy who was taken in a car, ended up getting out and walking home to get away from the pervert. Another dropped out of school to get away from the predator.

The predator claims that a “strict Muslim upbringing” caused the attacks. The judge bought it, so she will be eligible for parole after only a year of prison. Yes, she. You know that if a non-Islamic man had done this, the punishment would have been far longer than one year of prison plus probation.

And people wonder why we don’t want adult “refugees” coming into the country. Even the home grown Islamists claim that Islam is a threat.