Trump: Dems Impeachment Efforts Hurting Stock Market, Retirement Plans of Americans

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, accompanied by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif. and other congress members speaks during a news conference on Trump Putin Helsinki Summit at Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Democrats are all in trying to get President Donald Trump out of office. No matter the reason, no matter for what. They just keep throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks.

Their latest effort, the CIA officer complaint about the Trump-Ukraine phone call, just imploded big time today when it was revealed that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had been in contact with the officer prior to him filing his complaint. Previously, Schiff had said there was no direct contact with the officer. He pretended he had not been contacted and had no knowledge of the complaint. This despite the fact that the whistleblower had actually contacted Schiff’s staffer and the whistleblower wrote Schiff a letter about the complaint.

But with Democratic Party, it’s seems it’s all about getting control back. They don’t seem to care who they hurt in the process.

Who they’re hurting is not just President Donald Trump. They’re also hurting the country and all Americans with this relentless vendetta.

The president pointed the finger and scolded Democrats today for their efforts.

From Fox News:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average at one point tumbled more than 500 points after fears of a recession grew as U.S. economic data disappointed. Signs of a slowdown in the American jobs market flashed Wednesday after payroll processing firm ADP reported the private sector added 135,000 jobs in August, less than the estimate of 140,000. Meanwhile, the ISM September Manufacturing Index fell to its weakest reading since June 2009.

If they don’t get the impeachment they desire, they figure they can spread just enough lack of confidence to tank Trump in the elections.

Their insanity over the Ukraine call with Volodymyr Zelensky will injure our relations with other countries. What foreign leaders are going to talk to Trump in confidence if they know Democrats are likely to leak or subpoena the call? No one will feel they can speak in confidence again. That will harm American interests.

Democrats already injured the American public by pushing the Russia collusion hoax, causing damage that may be beyond repair. A large number of Democrats still think that Russians somehow changed the votes of the 2016 election and believe that Trump is somehow a Russian agent. This despite the votes being changed has been repeatedly debunked and despite the Mueller investigation finding no collusion with the Trump team.

But because their far-left platform is so bereft of merit for most Americans, their only option is to try to scream “Orange Man Bad.”