Supporting Greta Thunberg Is Evidence of 'Supporting White Supremacy'

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg, of Sweden, addresses the Climate Action Summit in the United Nations General Assembly, at U.N. headquarters, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)


When left starts eating left, they can go pretty far down the rabbit hole.

Such as with this article from New Zealand’s Newshub, “Supporting Greta Thunberg is evidence of ‘white supremacy’, activists claim”

However some are questioning however why Greta, a white child, is gaining so much attention over indigenous activists. They say that Greta is benefiting from a “global system of white supremacy” which has given her “privilege and a platform”.

“Y’all need to ask yourselves why you find it so much easier to hear from white people, regardless of age, when it comes to the violence they have caused across the world,” No White Saviours tweeted.

“It is a SYMPTOM of global white supremacy that certain people are HEARD & given a platform, certain people have access to the RESOURCES to be the HEROES that the world will pay attention to.”

“Greta at the UN was the epitome of White Privilege/White power= Save white kids!” another tweeted.

So Thunberg caused the problem? And only white people caused it and are all collectively guilty?

Apparently the world is about to blow up and everyone is going to die, but hold up, now, the person telling us that is white, so that’s not good. What?

If a person is crossing the street about to get hit by a car he doesn’t see and a person calls, “Watch out,” do you stop the person because they don’t happen to be the right color?

And when the world blows up, aren’t white people going to blow up too? So don’t they have just as much of a right to speak to the issue?

But, of course, the problem is, even in the claimed emergency, identity politics and hierarchy count. Which maybe suggests it isn’t the emergency that they claim, as some accidentally reveal.

Decades? 500 years? So you mean everything isn’t blowing up immediately?

Questions to ponder.