Pete Buttigieg

Democratic presidential candidate South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by CNN/New York Times at Otterbein University, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, in Westerville, Ohio. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


Pete Buttigieg clearly hasn’t learned a lesson from Hillary Clinton’s loss.

Rule 101: It’s not the best idea to insult and demonize Americans if you’re trying to win their vote.

Not to mention that it’s just wrong and scummy to do.

Hillary Clinton called supporters of Donald Trump “deplorable” and said that “Republicans” were the enemy she was proudest of having made. Good way to alienate half the country. It cost her big time.

Buttigieg has had a lot of trouble attracting black voters and he’s made some huge blunders in the effort to gain that support.

But claiming 63 million Trump supporters are racist or looking the other way at racism is probably not a great move, one would guess.

Especially when Buttigieg himself has been accused of looking the other way at racism as Mayor of South Bend.

Pro tip? You don’t improve your own profile by smearing others or sitting down with historic pushers of hate like Al Sharpton.

Has he checked polls indicating non-white and black approval of Trump is around 34 percent? Are those folks all racist too, Pete?

Once upon a time, candidates at least pretended to care about issues and appealing to voters on policy.

What Pete and other Democrats don’t understand is that Trump won appealing to people of all races on policy, such things as improving the economy and addressing immigration issues. He did both with big results. He also made an effort unlike prior recent Republican candidates to reach out for black support and to achieve on bread and butter issues like the economy with record-low black unemployment and the First Step program. That’s why he grabbed or has gained people who previously voted for Barack Obama.

But all Democrats seem to want to do is demonize Americans and virtue signal.

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