Like a Boss: Martha McSally Calls CNN Reporter a 'Liberal Hack' Over Impeachment Question

FILE – In this Nov. 6, 2018, file photo, Arizona Republican senatorial candidate Martha McSally, speaks with voters, at Chase’s diner in Chandler, Ariz. Arizona’s governor has named McSally to replace U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl in the U.S. Senate seat that belonged to Sen. John McCain. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey announced Tuesday, Dec. 18, that McSally will take over after Kyl’s resignation becomes effective Dec. 31. McSally lost the Senate race to Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. (AP Photo/Matt York, File)


Politeness is an important virtue, but sometimes politeness is overrated.

Democrats, with their helpmates in much of the media, have been doing everything they can to find a way to take down President Donald Trump, even before he won.

They’ve tried all kinds of things from “Russia collusion” to the Ukraine phone call. Now they’re trying to pull out more silliness from Lev Parnas on the eve of the impeachment trial. Parnas went on Rachel Maddow last night and already people are shooting his story full of holes. But that hasn’t stopped the media from jumping all over it, just as they did with the other efforts.

They fell all over themselves, embarrassingly drooling over the Democratic articles of impeachment walk to the Senate, talking about if statues would be built to any of the Democrats like Pelosi who were involved and calling the process “religious and sacramental.

So good for Sen. Martha McSally if politeness wasn’t the first thing on her mind when she was approached near a Congressional hearing room by CNN’s Manu Raju and asked if she would consider the new evidence being spread by Parnas on Maddow.

She pretty much said it for all of us.

Manu Raju asked, “Should the Senate consider new evidence as a part of the impeachment trial?”

Martha McSally responded, “Manu, you’re a liberal hack. I’m not talking to you.”

Notice the hackery here:

Couldn’t have anything to do with CNN’s reporting, could it? Nope, not at all.

Exactly. Hackery confirmed.