Boom: Trump, Jr.  Nukes Claire McCaskill After Her Incredibly Offensive Tweet About Ben Carson

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a rally before his father, President Donald Trump, arrives in Fayetteville, N.C., Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Chris Seward)


My colleague Susie Moore reported on the truly offensive tweet from former senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill.


The picture was a group of Trump team folks including cabinet secretaries, Trump family and member of Congress who were flying back from Iowa to Washington, D.C.

Seems like McCaskill hasn’t let the cut under her nose heal yet from losing her Senate race to Republican Josh Hawley.

Talk about only seeing people through the lens of race. McCaskill appears to have missed both Katrina Pierson and Ken Blackwell. Instead of thinking maybe Carson’s in the aisle talking to someone on the way back to his seat, her mind goes to that he’s “made” to do something. So there’s a problem with how she thinks. Finally, he’s not squatting. But whatever position he’s in, why is McCaskill suggesting that anyone “made” him get into that position? Does she think Carson has no agency over himself? “That’s something else altogether,” as my colleague Susie Moore noted.

But Donald Trump, Jr, who was also on the plane, just levels McCaskill with his response.

Now that’s an epic burn.

Katrina Pierson also got in a good shot at McCaskill.