Trump, Jr. Calls 15 Year Old Boy Who Was Attacked While Volunteering at Trump Campaign Tent

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a rally before his father, President Donald Trump, arrives in Fayetteville, N.C., Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/Chris Seward)


We reported on Thursday about the 15 year old boy who was attacked at a Trump campaign tent near a polling place in New Hampshire during primary voting.

Patrick Bradley, 34, was exiting the polling place at the Windham High School in New Hampshire after voting in the primary when he walked past the Trump campaign tent. He allegedly then attacked a 15 year old boy who was wearing a MAGA hat and volunteering at the tent. Bradley allegedly cursed at the boy and slapped him across the face. Two adult Trump supporters attempted to intercede to protect the boy and were themselves reportedly attacked. According to the boy’s mother, one of the adults received a broken jaw. According to police, Bradley also attacked the tent itself throwing signs and trying to knock it over.

Bradley was arrested and hit with charges of assault and a disorderly persons charge.

The boy’s mother told local media how the boy had been so happy to be volunteering and had even met Donald Trump, Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle at the tent earlier in the day. But she was concerned he had been “traumatized” by the attack.

Trump, Jr. heard about the attack and condemned leftist violence which again seems on the rise directed at Trump supporters as we go into the election.

Yikes, why do pictures of crazy leftists alway look like that?

But Trump, Jr. didn’t leave it there. He managed to track down the family, spoke to the boy and his mother, and thanked them for being strong supporters.

How sweet is that? Hopefully, that made the boy feel a little better and restored his faith a little in the process.

Maybe media would like to take note of these attacks and ask national Democrats if they are going to condemn it?

Meanwhile, turns out that Bradley has made posts about Antifa and appears to have a prior record, including reportedly being arrested after allegedly punching a cop.

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