Senator Al Franken Delivers a Thanksgiving Mea Culpa to All the Women He has Offended

Susan Wright
Trump declares Obamacare repeal and replace is next

President Trump’s first Tweet following a flurry of Thanksgiving-related posts was a bold one. He declared that “we will Repeal & Replace [Obamacare] right after Tax Cuts!” The inability of Republicans on Capitol Hill to make a dent in the Affordable Care Act is arguably their biggest failure since their party won the White House. After seven years of promises in that regard, they have | Read More »

Specifically, a literal radioactive cloud was just detected, containing Ruthenium-106, a heavy concentration of which was released in Russia and has drifted into Europe. Last month, French and German radiation safety officials identified the southern Ural Mountain region, home of Mayak, as the likely source of a cloud of a radioactive isotope, ruthenium 106, that they detected wafting over Europe. The plant at Mayak reprocesses spent | Read More »

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