As I wrote Tuesday, Darrell Issa’s 2018 opponent, Democrat Mike Levin, took a photo of the Orange County, California representative standing on a roof taking a photo of a crowd of constituents — after spending time outside meeting some of them — and ascribed it as proof that Issa was “hiding” from them.

Shortly after, Issa tweeted several photographs, including one from the rooftop of the crowd. Thus, proving Levin’s narrative as literal fake news.

Not to be deterred, the incorrigible sore loser doubled down on his attack against Issa, despite being clearly made up by Levin.

Except that wasn’t true. At all.

Not only did he re-up the fake news narrative, he added a “quote” by Issa without audio or video, sourcing of any kind, or corroborating accounts. Nor has Levin responded to requests for such evidence.

Levin is upset Democrats couldn’t win fair and square 2016, so he’s resorting to engaging in the dishonorable.