Author and former Fox News legal analyst, Lis Wiehl, joined Megyn Kelly for a roundtable discussion on her show on Monday. One of the topics was comedian Bill Cosby going back on trial for sexual misconduct which ended in a mistrial last year.

Wiehl herself made news in 2017 when a $32 million settlement she received from former Fox News titan Bill O’Reilly for sexual misconduct. Megyn Kelly brought up this fact as she referred to her and Wiehl’s longtime friendship. However, the look on Wiehl’s face when Kelly brought it up may have her rethinking that word.

“[Lis] has reported to have received a big, big, big settlement from Bill O’Reilly,” Kelly said.

An unsmiling Wiehl quickly responded with, “No comment. Absolutely not,” before refocusing the conversation on the Cosby settlement.

One would think Megyn Kelly would know how to read people better.