One of the more amusing outcomes of the 2018 primaries happened on Tuesday in Alabama, where Republican Rep. Martha Roby will now face a run-off with former Democrat-now-MAGAt Bobby Bright, who voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House in 2009.

How was a one-term former Democratic House rep who also supported Obama’s “cash for clunkers” program? She had the temerity in 2016 to say Donald Trump was not fit for office and didn’t vote for him in the general election.

Roby has since said she supports the Republican president, but as the now three-term incumbent has learned, anything other than 100 percent fealty to Dear Leader will have MAGAts voting for Obama/Pelosi-supporting Democrats over principled Republicans.

The amusing part in all this is it shows the inverse is true of what Trump supporters accuse the “Never Trump” faction — that it leads to voting for Democrats over GOP candidates — and that those who spend their days obsequiously carrying Trump’s Kool Aid-flavored water will vote for Democrats as long as they don the red cap.