Another Democrat Secretly Hopes Kermit Gosnell Gets Acquitted.

So day eight of the Gosnell Trial deliberations begin. It seems he’s charged with performing 24 late term abortions and then getting carried away and killing one of the Mom’s as well. He’s also charged with delivering late-term babies alive and severing their spinal cords over a toilet.

Meanwhile over in Cleveland we’ve been treated to what can only be described as an appalling spectacle. Three women were abducted as teen-agers. They have been found after a decade of sexual slavery. During this period of torment, the alleged kidnapper, Ariel Castro, is said to have stored the three women in a dungeon in the basement. He spent much of the decade raping them repeatedly, and then did gruesome things to the resulting offspring as well. ABC News describes to us just what makes Ariel Castro such an alleged sick puppy.

Inside the dungeon-like basement of alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man reportedly raped his three victims for a decade, caused one woman to abort five pregnancies by punching her in the gut, and required a second victim to deliver his baby in a plastic kiddie pool. The women, individually abducted a decade ago, were kept bound by chains in the home’s cellar until their “spirits were broken” and they were allowed access to the rest of the house, a police official told ABC News.

So if I were the public defender given the unenviable task of defending Ariel Castro, I’d be watching the whole Gosnell trial like a hawk. This may be the only opportunity Castro has to do anything other than roll up his sleeve and hope the injection is administered professionally.

You see, if they can’t prosecute and convict a cold-steel pro like Kermit Gosnell for slashing a baby’s neck over the toilet; it gets a little hypocritical to throw the book at a fun-loving amateur like Castro. I mean punching Michelle Knight in the tummy a few times to induce a miscarriage would get billed as a non-invasive procedure by the Women’s Health Center in Philadelphia. Unless, of course, our bettors decide that intervention is required to help good citizens like Dr. Gosnell maintain their regulatory monopoly.

Now the State of Ohio can charge five murders under State Law 2903.02. Given the statute below, it’s not hard to see how abortionists are economically protected from adverse competition.

2903.01 Aggravated murder. (B) No person shall purposely cause the death of another or the unlawful termination of another’s pregnancy while committing or attempting to commit, or while fleeing immediately after committing or attempting to commit, kidnapping, rape, aggravated arson, arson, aggravated robbery, robbery, aggravated burglary, burglary, trespass in a habitation when a person is present or likely to be present, terrorism, or escape.

It would make better and simpler English to reword that aggravated murder law slightly. It could read instead. “No person shall purposely cause the death of another or the termination of another’s pregnancy while committing or attempting to commit..” But given the sanitation conditions in “Women’s Health Clinics” such as Gosnell’s, or the ones run by Dr. Frantz Bazile in Pompano Beach, FL, such wording is necessary so that these good public servants aren’t accused of aggravated murder any time they make a patient sit in the waiting room.

Now it’s unlikely that any of us will ever have to tolerate Ariel Castro breathing oxygen as a free man. They probably won’t parole Charlie Manson next year either. I’m certain they’ll finally decide to protect abortion rights by bullying the Gosnell jurors into putting Dr. Gosnell in Time-Out for seven to ten years with time served and the potential for parole if he’s a model prisoner. Killing the babies won’t be his downfall. They’ll get him for running an unsanitary medical facility.

Which brings me to what I almost *hope* will happen with the Cleveland Psychopath. Let the PD go subpoena the workers at Gosnell’s clinic. “You did what to that baby’s neck? Your Honor, that wasn’t worthy of an Aggravated Murder charge? I denounce the vile hypocrisy! My client must immediately go free!”

But the kicker here and the thing that will ultimately get Ariel Castro sent way further down the river than Kermit Gosnell is that whole thing about unlawful termination of pregnancy. Gosnell, paid his licensing fee. He could call punching one of his patients in the gut about twenty times a “Chiropractic, Non-Invasive Early Pregnancy Termination Procedure.” I’m sure every ObamaCare-approved insurance policy has a code you can bill that under. Crony Capitalism works like that when you’re connected. It works differently when you aren’t. And that’s what Ariel Castro is about to find out when he gets taken down and never allowed to get back up.