Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

Ranking Member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asks questions to Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, during a hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Congressional Democrats seem to believe the best approach to solving the issues our nation faces is by first falsely accusing their political opposition of not giving a d*mn about minorities and children. Such was the case today at a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on border conditions.

NPR reports:

Democrats pushed back against what oversight committee chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., called [acting DHS Secretary] McAleenan’s attempts to “sugarcoat” conditions for detained migrants.

When McAleenan insisted his agency was doing its “level best,” Cummings shot back: “What does that mean? What does that mean when a child is sitting in their own feces, can’t take a shower? Come on, man. What is that about? None of us would have our children in that position. They are human beings.”

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., held up pictures of men and children at DHS faculties she said she visited, saying, “This would not be allowed as a kennel for dogs.” But McAleenan said Congress specifically excluded funding for more beds at facilities run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, exacerbating the overcrowded conditions there.

McAleenan also fired back after Cummings suggested that border patrol agents had an “empathy deficit”:

“I can tell you that I am at a point where I begin to wonder whether there is an empathy deficit,” Cummings said while questioning McAleenan.

McAleenan objected to the suggestion from Cummings.

“I just wonder why would an agency if they have a deficiency of empathy, create a Border Search Trauma and Rescue team to try to protect people that are making this dangerous crossing and make over 4,000 rescues a year, on their own time with the collateral duty apply to be emergency medical technicians so they can help people in dangerous conditions,” McAleenan said.

“Where’s the deficit of empathy there?” he added.

Cummings later clarified he was referring to the “zero tolerance” policy that resulted in thousands of children being separated from their families. Cummings and McAleenan also agreed to travel to the border together.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the ranking member on the committee, was particularly incensed over Cummings’s accusation of the CBP allegedly having an “empathy deficit.” Watch the video below, as Jordan displays a photo taken by former CBP acting Commissioner John Sanders of agents assisting a child at the border. Jordan then asks if the photo looks like a display of an “empathy deficit.”

McAleenan is also seen in the video explaining more about what the Border Search Trauma and Rescue team does. He also noted that a majority of the agents who worked for the border patrol were of Latino descent – a point Jordan emphasized:

Nice work by both Jordan and McAleenan to speak out on behalf of the men and women who work the border tirelessly every day. The vast majority of them are good and decent people doing their jobs.

The fact that most of them are Latino members of the community who are working to help Latino migrants who are attempting to cross the border also just goes to show you how utterly despicable the blanket accusations of “racism” by The Squad and others against the agents actually are.

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