The highly adversarial, combative relationship that exists between President Trump and the mainstream media is not exactly a big secret, but sometimes on the journalist side of the equation there are those who understand how to aggressively question political figures while still maintaining some sense of decorum and civility.

Such is the case with NBC News journalist Kelly O’Donnell. The White House correspondent shared a video on her Twitter feed Sunday of her questioning Trump on his claim that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a “Never Trumper.”

Note that each time she asks him something she addresses him as “sir”:

Canadian author Linda McQuaig was one of several liberals who took issue with her use of the word “sir” with Trump:

O’Donnell clapped back, stating she would always treat presidents respectfully, noting civility “can be a choice we make each day”:

Showing that she didn’t quite grasp the point, McQuaig responded that Trump didn’t deserve it:

There was much debate in the comments to O’Donnell’s clap back as to whether or not Trump deserved respect considering his intense dislike of the mainstream press but, again, it misses the point. If you watch the video, O’Donnell wasn’t meekly questioning the president. She was pretty aggressive with him, doing her job while still using a term most people would use for any male elected official (and, of course, ma’am or madame for a female elected official) as a sign of respect.

Regardless of whether or not you respect the person holding the office, you still respect the office itself. If I happened to be standing in line behind President Obama at an ice cream shop, I’d address him as “sir.” I’d address Hillary as “ma’am”, too, even though I have a strong dislike for the woman.

Showing respect for the office does not equate to endorsing or condoning the actions of a particular official. It’s just a simple, time-honored tradition. It’s something one does with elected officials, others in position of power or influence, and those who are older than you.

This really isn’t a complicated issue but liberals, of course, turn even the smallest of molehills into the biggest mountains. Le sigh.

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