Every election night, as soon as the results start coming in and winners are declared it is inevitable that politicians, pundits, commentators, poll watchers, and the like begin to inform us as to What It All Means™ going forward.

Tuesday night was no different in that regard as The Usual Suspects lined up to let us know that Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s loss (which has not been officially declared as of this writing) to Democrat Andy Beshear was a troublesome sign for President Trump’s reelection campaign, especially considering Trump campaigned for Bevin the day before the election.

While my Red State colleague Bonchie demolished that talking point earlier today along with others as they relate to what happened in Virginia, there’s another one out there that needs to be put out to pasture.

A number of liberals, some of them with large followings, took to the Twitter machine Tuesday night to take shots at Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. After all, if a Democrat can win the governor’s race in red Kentucky, that can’t be a good sign for Cocaine Mitch, right?

Actor George Takei was among those gloating:

Lydia Polgreen, who is the editor in chief for the liberal Huffington Post website, also chimed in after Cook Political report editor Dave Wasserman called the Kentucky governor’s race for Beshear:

Other Democrats weighed in as well, believing Beshear’s win meant McConnell’s time in the Senate was just about up:

“#MoscowMitchNext” even trended on Twitter this morning.

While anything is possible come election time, and no statewide seat is really “safe”, what a lot of these gleeful wannabe political analysts were missing was a little insight into Kentucky’s gubernatorial history, as Politico’s Jake Sherman explained:

There was also the fact that Republicans trounced Democrats in other statewide elections Tuesday night:

Other seasoned political analysts also made similar points:

Could McConnell lose next year? Sure. But anyone who asserts that solely based on what happened last night between Bevin and Beshear is doing nothing more than showing their willful political ignorance.

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