CNN’s Jim Acosta is a serious journalist and author, y’all. He also fancies himself as a staunch defender of the freedom of the press.

We know this because he all but announces it every chance he gets, either by his own words or the way acts.

That he and President Trump are constantly at odds is not exactly a shocking revelation, but as he traveled to Louisiana on Wednesday to cover Trump’s rally, media critics like me wondered:

In what way would the most narcissistic journalist in cable news try to get Trump’s attention this time around?

As it turns out, it wasn’t Acosta himself who stole the show. It was a kid behind him who, either accidentally or on purpose, showed off his floor skills by performing “the worm” as Acosta was preparing to do a live shot from the rally.

CTVNews’ Richard Madan snagged a video clip of the hilarious moment, which I admit I have probably watched – and laughed out loud at – at least 15 times now. Watch below, and keep a close eye on the lower right side of the screen:

Instead of complaining about feeling slighted or upstaged, Acosta showed some rare maturity by applauding the “kid” for his efforts:

Nice work indeed, young man. Thanks for turning a segment most people would probably not be interested in watching into the most entertaining 10 seconds of video we’ve seen so far this week. Bravo! 😉

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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