Join Brad and Sarah for the 10th episode of Marble Halls & Silver Screens where they are joined by special guest Sean Hackbarth, senior editor of digital content at the US Chamber of Commerce.

Sean breaks down Trump’s tariff decision and gives a review of Black Panther. There’s also Brad’s super special Guardians of the Galaxy memento, a possible end to the Russian collusion investigation, Jimmy Kimmel’s whining and the boring after-presidency of Barack Obama. Tune in! (Music: “Southern Nights” ~ Glen Campbell)

NEW EPISODE: Marble Halls & Silver Screens

Slager finally got his Doritos promotional bag of chips that comes equipped with an actual working MP3 player loaded with Starlord’s cassette mix from his mom.


NEW EPISODE: Marble Halls & Silver Screens

The crowd that joined Slager for his Sunday night viewing of “Hurricane Heist”.

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