Don’t look now, but recent polling on the U.S. Senate race in Michigan has a very unlikely contender giving incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow a run for her money. The Delphi Analytica poll shows Kid Rock (a/k/a Robert Ritchie) at 54%, with Stabenow at 46%.

Okay – time for the caveats: It’s early; Ritchie hasn’t actually filed for the race; only 668 people were polled; and 44% of those polled remain undecided.  (Which makes the actual breakdown 44% undecided; 30% Kid Rock; 26% Debbie Stabenow.) And the biggest caveat of all: “Delphi Analytica” isn’t exactly a well-known polling outfit with a reputable history. Still, it has to have Stabenow and the Democrats doing a bit of a double-take.

Two years ago, I’d have dismissed it as a publicity stunt or a flukey poll without so much as a second thought. But it’s 2017. And Donald Trump is the President of the United States. So…who’s to say Kid Rock won’t be the next Senator from Michigan?