Last night, Barack Obama took to the airwaves to give a brief eulogy for a man he loathed, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia, the man, and Scalia’s life stood in stark rebuke to everything that Obama represents. Where Scalia led a modest life and pulled himself to the top of his profession by dint of hard work; Obama has surfed the wave of racial grievance mongering and preferences to the highest office of the land. While holding that office he has abused the Constitution and lived the life style of a Third World potentate despite the state of the US economy. Where Scalia believed the government performed best when it was a guardian of the rights of the citizens, Obama believes that the rights of the people are a stumbling block to all that government could do.

Last night, Obama was in rare form. He smirked his way through his recitation of Justice Scalia’s accomplishments as if thinking of some future SNL skit or other late night television commentary he would do on the subject:

From there he seamlessly segued into a troll of Mitch McConnell. You can always tell one of these trolls is about to be launched by his facial expression. Look at the first frames closely.

It is certainly Obama’s prerogative to make a nomination to the Supreme Court. But only shameless douchebaggery would allow one to pronounce it a “duty.” Obama is in his last few months in office and it is overweening arrogance to presume that he is entitled to a nomination and not the next president. Even so, he could have offered an olive branch to Senate Republicans offering to work with them to select a candidate who could be speedily confirmed. But that would be too much for our ersatz emperor. Rather, he baldly states that he is going to pick his guy and the GOP damn well better confirm him, else they have failed in their duty.

If Obama does send forward a nomination, Mitch McConnell is certainly under no moral, legal, ethical, or constitutional obligation to allow either a hearing or a vote. To the contrary, McConnell’s duty is “advise and consent.” He rendered the “advise” part yesterday when he said the nomination belongs to the next president. The issue is settled as a matter of Constitutional duty.

In Shakespeare’s MacBeth, Malcolm reports to King Duncan the execution of the traitor, Cawdor. Malcolm says, “Nothing in his life Became him like the leaving it.” This is where the nation is with reigning demagogue and would-be politburo chairman, Barack Obama.There is nothing this man has done it the White House compared to the unalloyed good he will do by leaving it.