Via The Washington Post:

Scan the headlines this week, and Donald Trump is everywhere. Scan his campaign schedule, and he is . . . nowhere.

The front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination has barreled through the past few months at a breakneck pace, crisscrossing the country in his private plane staging one boisterous rally after another.

Not this week.

His last day on the trail was Monday, when he delivered a foreign policy speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference. His next public campaign event is not until Tuesday afternoon in Wisconsin — which votes April 5 — meaning that he will have gone seven full days without any campaign events.

Pretty odd that Trump has not appeared in public since he launched his deranged attack on Heidi Cruz. One would like to think it is a sense of shame, or even that Trump is undergoing a psychological evaluation

In fact, the suggestion that Trump release his medical records is a good one. Not only is he an elderly man leading a much more strenuous life style than he is accustomed to, but, if you recall, Donald Trump has a history of medical issues going back to him being declared physically unfit for military service.

As we’ve noted a couple of times, the Trump campaign operates with the well-oiled cohesion of your typical Chinese fire drill. Violence at Trump’s rallies is, by now, just baked in. His state political organizations are being out-maneuvered, for instance, even though Trump won the Louisiana primary he will have ten fewer delegates from that state than Cruz. His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski is out of his depth and flailing about. His spokesman, Katrina Pierson, is, well, acting just like Katrina Pierson. By now he knows his attack on Heidi Cruz was wrong and somewhere, in the back of his mind, is a lesson that some third world nanny tried to beat into his thick skull about how men and gentlemen act gnawing at him. You really have to be something of a maroon not to realize that Donald Trump worked hand in glove with National Enquirer owner, David Pecker (hahahaha), to run the scurrilous story that publication released on Friday. Ted Cruz will be hurt by the story (“where do I go to get my reputation back?”) but the blowback is now threatening to envelop the Trump campaign. As was reported earlier today, the newest national poll shows Trump cratering.

I suspect that a weak, old Trump has crawled off to one of his posh lairs to rest and try to figure out a way clear of the mess that he and the numbskulls about him have created.