My colleague, Leon Wolf, posted earlier today on the new Marquette University poll that shows Ted Cruz rapidly pulling away from Donald Trump in Wisconsin. Perhaps the most interesting part of the poll was buried in the cross tabs. The respondents were 54% Democrats and 46% Republicans. I don’t know if that is an accurate mix, as there are no independents in the pool, I’m guessing not, but for our purposes the accuracy isn’t all that important.

Pretty amazing. Ted Cruz is running even with Hillary Clinton is a Blue/Purple state like Wisconsin. Kasich does better than Cruz but not so much better as to support his narrative, his Unique Selling Proposition, that he, alone, can beat Hillary outside traditional GOP areas.

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And Donald Trump, America’s animated hairball, gets beaten like a rented mule. This is very much in line with the RCP national head-to-head average that has Clinton beating Trump by 50-38.

The Cruz and Kasich polls are also very similar to the Wisconsin polls.

This shows what is becoming abundantly clear with every passing day. Donald Trump is a terrible candidate who will not be able to beat even Hillary Clinton in an election.