Critics of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign often complain about the way the media has reported on his candidacy. It is not just the incessant coverage that riles them. It’s the perceived lack of fact-checking.

Trump is known for making outlandish and dubious claims with little connection to the truth. The press corps, these critics argue, allows him to float along in a perpetual state of unreality.

The truth is, Trump is routinely fact-checked. It’s just that he makes so many statements in such a rapid and continuous fashion that it becomes virtually impossible to keep up.

On Wednesday, The Huffington Post assigned five and a half reporters to look into a roughly 12,000-word transcript of Trump’s town hall event on CNN the night before. It took us hours, but in all, we found 71 separate instances in which Trump made a claim that was either inaccurate, misleading or deeply questionable. That’s basically one falsehood every 169 words (counting the words uttered by moderator Anderson Cooper), or 1.16 falsehoods every minute (the town hall lasted an hour, including commercial breaks).

This is really hilarious but it provides an insight on how Trump is able to avoid criticism for his outlandish claims.

Now, some of this article is the tendentious bull***t you’d expect from a leftwing website like Huffington Post, but even tossing out silliness like this:

Claim: “We have no idea who they are, we have no idea where is their paperwork. They have no paperwork; they have no identification.” — Trump on Syrian refugees.

Reality: Syrian refugees are the most heavily vetted group coming to the U.S. The process takes a year and a half to two years.

(Let me digress into my own fact check, actually Syrian refugees are no longer required to have no association with terrorist groups. (more here)

There is more than ample evidence that Trump not only does not know what he’s talking about but is totally both unconcerned with the truthfulness of what he’s saying and he lies reflexively:

Claim: The security camera footage of the Lewandowski incident “exonerates him totally.”

Reality: It does not. It actually shows Lewandowski lied about his initial assertion that he didn’t know or remember Fields at all.

Claim: “All of a sudden [Fields’] story changed.” — Trump, discussing what happened after it was revealed that there was security footage of the incident.

Reality: Fields’ story hasn’t changed.

There is no polite way of saying it. This man is a dangerous buffoon.