It seems like RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is totally at home acting as a henchman for Donald “Cheeto Jesus” Trump and the posse of ill bred goons that have attached themselves to his campaign in a host-parasite relationship (the American people, in this case, being the host). Friday, he decided that his loyalty lay with the guy who had won 42% of the votes cast in the GOP primary, and not with the 58% who voted against him. Now he has made it crystal clear that he considers the GOP delegates to be nothing more than props in this giant act of fluffery on behalf of a man who not only doesn’t deserve it but is simply not able to even use it.

This is a minor thing, electing Mitch McConnell as temporary Convention Chair, but is serves as a useful reminder of how the RNC views GOP voters. We are superfluous. We are supposed to send them money and vote how we are told. When we run a candidate that offends their sensibilities, like Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi Senate race, then they will pull out all the stops to slander and libel the man and even actively recruit Democrats to cross over in a primary race. When a poseur like Donald Trump is running, they have to feign total neutrality. This is because Trump is just like them. Corrupt. Malleable. On the make. And they understand corruption. What they don’t understand is principle.