Donald Trump’s transition team has announced a new appointment. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) has been selected as the next secretary of the interior.

Ms. McMorris Rodgers, a senior member of the House of Representatives, if confirmed by the Senate, would lead Mr. Trump’s efforts to open up federal lands and waters to fossil-fuel development and reverse environmental policies the Obama administration has pursued over the past eight years.

And the right people are outraged

(He says this like it is a bad thing)

and the Democrats’ house organ, the New York Times is flogging a discredited allegation of misconduct against her

She seems like a solid choice and she has supported the right things in regards to federal land management.

Ms. McMorris Rodgers is a reliable backer of Republican energy and environmental policies, though she hasn’t been a leading voice within the caucus on​such​issues. She supported legislation opening up the Atlantic Ocean to oil and natural-gas drilling and preventing the Interior Department from regulating hydraulic fracturing, a controversial oil and natural-gas extraction technology.

She faces huge challenges inflicted upon the nation by the way Obama has managed the interior department. Ideally she will also take a serious stab at getting the federal government mostly out of the land ownership business.