For a year we’ve heard the Clinton campaign mewling about how Comey’s memo saying the investigation into her mishandling of classified information had been reopened cost her the election. That is nonsense.

Andy McCarthy examines how the two campaigns were treated and he finds there was a great disparity in treatment and Clinton always got the better end of it.

1. While the DNC was allowed to keep its servers beyond the reach of the FBI and was allowed to conduct its own investigation into the alleged email hack, the Trump campaign was subjected to significant surveillance (national security letters, i.e. administrative subpoenas, were used against four members of the Trump campaign that we know of).

2. While Comey cleared Clinton of violations of the Espionage Act before that investigation was concluded, the FBI actually investigated Mike Flynn under the guise of the Logan Act, a law that has never been used.

3. Clinton and her associates were either given immunity from prosecution or a pass on lying to investigators. Not so with members of the Trump campaign.

4. While the FBI did not press the DNC to get possession of the alleged hacked server, it carried out a pre-dawn no-knock raid on Paul Manafort’s home.

5. Trump’s attorney has his office, residence and home searched and his files confiscated. Hillary’s lawyers, who were also subjects to the investigation, sat in on Hillary’s interview and were allowed to negotiate limits to what they would be asked.

6. Comey never called any action regarding Clinton an investigation, it was either a “matter” or a “security referral.” However, beginning in March 2017, Comey frequently referred to the Trump campaign as being the subject of an investigation.

McCarthy, as usual, has a lot of in-depth analysis and great insights. I’m not going to quote them here. But the idea that somehow the Trump campaign was handled with kid gloves and was given a helping hand by investigating them is laughable. More and more Peter Strzok’s insurance policy seems very real. They didn’t think Trump would win but, if he did, they had amassed enough innuendo that they could launch an investigation to cripple his administration. And they have.

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