President Donald Trump stands in the rain with members of Bikers for Trump and supported after saying the Pledge of Allegiance, Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018, at the clubhouse of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)


The dress code for President Trump’s by-invitation meet-and-greet with motorcycle enthusiasts here on Saturday was biker chic — leather, bandannas and for at least one of the supporters who posed with Trump at the raucous event, sexist and other offensive patches.

A bearded man who is part of a New Jersey “Bikers for Trump” group stood with the president as he shook hands inside his posh golf club near here, and again when the group posed for photos outside, engines revving.

“I (heart) Guns & Titties,” reads one patch on the unidentified man’s vest. The patch features a drawing of a woman’s naked torso and breasts and a pair of handguns atop her nipples.

Other patches visible in blown-up versions of images from the rain-drenched event include one that reads “This is America. We eat meat, we drink beer and we speak [expletive] English.”

Another says, “Terrorist Hunting Permit.”

Dear heaven, people, aren’t there emoluments out there to find? Don’t you have Russians hiding under your bed? Seriously, after everything else that has been written about Trump this is supposed to be a shocker? More to the point, a bike club wearing off color stuff on their club colors is hardly a news flash? And I happen to agree with all three of those patches.

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism that brought you Trump in the first place and it will either lead to his impeachment…or his reelection in 2020. Right now I’ve got to bet on the latter.

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