You have to take a good, long look at the base that is attracted to a candidate, and it gives you an idea of what their appeal is.

We know all about Clinton by who supports her – far left social justice warriors and big banks.

Trump, on the other hand, is a whole, different animal, as are his supporters.

From Buzzfeed:

The chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhayda, declared on his radio program last month that a Donald Trump victory would present a great opportunity for white nationalists to build pro-white coalitions. .

“I’m gonna project, that I believe that Trump is going to win the election this November, for various reasons which I don’t want to go into again,” Suhayda said on his radio program’s July broadcast. “I think it’s gonna surprise the enemy, because, I think that they feel that the white working class, especially the male portion of the working class, and with him his female counterparts have basically thrown in the towel. Given up hope of any politician again standing up for their interests.”

I get that comparing Trump and his loyal sycophants to the Nazis is often done tongue-in-cheek… but these are actual, honest-to-goodness NAZIS!

I’ll go further and say that I know Trump can’t stop anybody from supporting him who chooses to do so, but the point that needs to be made clear is that the people who support him do so for a reason, and it isn’t always because “at least he’s not Hillary.”

Suhayda wrote in past American Nazi Party reports he’d avoid giving statements on Trump, saying it would hurt Trump to be associated with him. In one September report, the all caps-loving Nazi chairman wrote that Trump’s statements showed the Nazi viewpoint wasn’t as unpopular as portrayed by the media.

“We have a wonderful OPPORTUNITY here folks, that may never come again, at the RIGHT time,” he stated. “Donald Trump’s campaign statements, if nothing else, have SHOWN that ‘our views’ are NOT so ‘unpopular’ as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are!”

If Suhayda is correct and those viewpoints are popular on any level, this nation has sunk lower than I thought possible.

You can listen to audio of Suhayda here.