If he does this, bad optics won’t even begin to cover it.

This would absolutely scream, “COVER UP!”

To be clear, this isn’t a done deal, but while speaking with ABC News, Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway alluded to the possibility that President Trump might use his presidential powers to block former FBI Director James Comey from testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week.

In an interview with ABC News, Conway appeared to indicate that the president would allow Comey to testify, saying, “We’ll be watching with the rest of the world when Director Comey testifies.”

But asked directly whether Trump would use executive privilege to prevent Comey from speaking with lawmakers, Conway added: “The president will make that decision.”

Legal experts say Trump could invoke a doctrine called executive privilege to try to stop Comey from testifying. But such a maneuver would likely draw a backlash and could be challenged in court, they said.

Ya think?

I can’t imagine a move like that not setting off peals of outrage from both sides of the aisle, and rightfully so.

Comey is expected to be asked by the Senate panel about conversations in which the president is reported to have pressured him to drop a related FBI investigation into Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, whose ties to Russia are under scrutiny.

Many are citing these reports as proof of obstruction by Trump, but the natural next question should be, “Why?”

And if Trump attempts to stop Comey’s testimony, it doesn’t matter. We can all, if we’re honest, pretty much figure out why.

Only the most blinded of his loyalists could possibly see this as a good thing.