Exactly the kind of talk expected from this guy.

TMZ caught up with Roger Stone, longtime Trump pal and unofficial adviser to Donald Trump, and got this lovely bit of commentary:

“The people who are calling for impeachment are the people who didn’t vote for him. They need to get over it,” Stone said to TMZ in an airport baggage claim.

“They lost. Their candidate had every advantage: They spent two billion dollars, we spent $275 million. Sorry, we whipped their ass. It is over. You lost.”

He added, warning: “Try to impeach him. Just try it. You will have a spasm of violence –an insurrection– in this country like you have never seen before… Both sides are heavily armed, my friend.”

Stone neglects to add that Trump didn’t need to spend as much, because he got what amounted to several billion in free ad time, with cable news networks covering him as if he were already king.

That kind of coverage matters.

“This is not 1974,” Stone, who worked in the White House during Nixon’s resignation, added. “People will not stand for [impeachment of President Trump]. Any politician who votes for it would be endangering their own life.”

Is that a threat?

I’m sure he would say it was not, but the implication is clear.

To be honest, I don’t know that I can honestly say I disagree with Stone’s assessment of where we are as a society, right now.

Obama started the ball rolling, but Trump superpowered the age of incivility in America. After a long list of violence and protests, I don’t dismiss any threats.

Stone went on to say he wasn’t advocating for violence, but simply predicting it.

Asked if he is saying that Trump’s removal from office would lead to a Civil War, Stone said: “Yes, that is what I think will happen.”

He may be right.