Florida Democrat Attempts to Punk Senator Rubio, Fails Miserably

Posted at 6:30 pm on September 22, 2017 by Susan Wright

I’m sure she thought she was being super-clever.

Gwen Graham, the Democrat challenger for governor of Florida, somehow thought attacking Senator Marco Rubio would up her profile and gain her some status.

It didn’t go well.

Graham tweeted out a video of herself, in hopes of embarrassing Rubio.

In the video, Graham says:

“I am calling to implore you to please vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill,” Graham said in her voice message. “I could go through all the reasons, but I think you know them. This is bad for the state of Florida. You are a senator representing this state and I expect you will do what is right for the people of Florida.”

“In my office, we always made sure real people answered the phone,” she said afterwards.

That’s awesome.

Awesome that your people have nothing better to do.

Senator Rubio’s staff answered Graham’s tweet with a tweet of their own, complete with photo evidence, stating that nobody could take her call because they were all out helping victims of Hurricane Irma, not sitting by the phone, waiting for a political stunt.

Ms. Graham would do well to remember Senator Rubio’s example: It’s about serving the people, not political stunts.

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