Donald Trump will never advance beyond where he is right now. We have no reason to believe that. After all, he’s almost completed his first year as president, has experienced the rigors and trials of the job, and he’s still A) holding campaign rallies, as if it’s September 2016, and B) still spewing the same rhetoric about the “fake media” and hypes a wall that becomes more fantastical, every time he tells the lie story.

He doesn’t waver from his shtick and he can’t be reasoned with.

The problem is, it’s so easy to catch him being completely wrong, but he has no shame over it.

Case in point: Friday evening Trump was in Huntsville, Alabama, presumably to pump up support for Luther Strange’s Senate bid, but really just to get his own ego stroked.

While rehashing everything from the election, he began his declaration of victimhood from the “fake media.”

Specifically, he pointed out how the “fake media” wouldn’t show the adoring masses assembled to pay homage to him.

“Fake news. They won’t show this,” Trump said. “They’ll say ‘Donald Trump spoke before a small crowd in Alabama last night. It was a small crowd. A very unenthusiastic crowd. It was a terrible evening.’”

Yeah. About that…

In fact, CNN had been running the split screen for most of the speech.

And of course, I know this will mean nothing to his supporters. Even faced with irrefutable evidence that Trump has no idea what he’s talking about, they will still bend their minds to accept only his version of reality.

It’s funny, right up to the point where you remind yourself this guy is our president.