North Korea’s little maniac is apparently trying to work up his peoples’ appetite for war (since actual food is in short supply).

Hours after U.S. B-1B Lancer bombers cruised past North Korea’s east coast, the state-run DPRK Today released badly photoshopped images of a U.S. air carrier being bombed by a Pukguksong missile.


From The Independent:

The propaganda photos released by North Korea were from a video that also showed a Pukguksong-2 missile launched from a B-1B and a F-35. In computer-generated images, the two US jets explode in a huge firestorm.

Also in the video, there are scenes of a North Korean submarine-launched missile scoring a direct hit on the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered supercarrier.

The film issues a stern warning to the United States, with subtitles stating: “Should F-35, B-1B and the Carl Vinson lead the US attack, they will head to the grave in that order.”

In Pyongyang, where anti-U.S. sentiment runs high, a rally was held in Kim Il Sung Square on Saturday. According to the official news agency, KCNA, tens of thousands attended to hear speeches from fired up officials, while demonstrators held up signs that said, “Death to the American Imperialists,” and others shouted about the total destruction of America.

“We are waiting for the right time to have a final battle with the US, the evil empire, and to remove the US from the world,” said Ri Il-bae, a commanding officer of the Red Guards, reported KCNA. “Once respected Supreme commander Kim Jong-un gives an order, we will annihilate the group of aggressors.”

The rhetoric has become white-hot on both sides, and neither leader is particularly stable. I just hope nobody tells Trump how many attended the rally in Pyongyang. He can’t take competition.