More Fox News shenanigans.

James Rosen, Fox’s chief Washington correspondent resigned from the network a month ago because of – you guessed it – really bad behavior towards women.

The behavior was bad enough that eight former colleagues in the Fox News Washington bureau were cited in a report about his behavior.

Fox News gave no reason for Rosen’s departure, but according to NPR, the former chief correspondent made sexual advances toward two Fox News reporters and a producer and aggressively flirted with a number of colleagues.

Rosen’s departure followed criticism of his overall conduct at the network.

So was his conduct Roger Ailes-bad or Bill O’Reilly-bad?

Rosen is just one of the names caught in the wave of misconduct reports, now that women have found some sense of empowerment that drives them to finally come forward about sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace.

It just seems like next to Hollywood, Fox News is one of the worst places to work, if you’re a woman.

Get your act together, Fox.