The Diversity Chronicles: Is That a Spoon in Your Undies or Are You Just Happy to See Me?


Damned close, it seems. In early April, I posted on the famous January 6 meeting between James Comey and President Trump. The backstory was that numerous news organizations had received the Trump dossier by this time but they were all a bit squirrelly about publishing it without some official reason to do so. During the course of the meeting, Comey asked to speak to President | Read More »

One of the people killed in the Santa Fe High School shooting last week worked two jobs to help cover the medical costs of her husband’s deadly lung disease. Since the shooting on Friday morning, donations have poured into the GoFundMe the family had previously set up. Cynthia Tisdale was a substitute teacher who, according to her brother-in-law John Tisdale, also worked as a waitress | Read More »

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