North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Trades Fiery Rhetoric with Trump

Susan Wright

Since its enactment, I’ve always acknowledged the fundamental flaws in Obamacare. Because of the law, I was able to stay on my parent’s health insurance until I was 26. By then, I had a full-time job with excellent health benefits, including medical, dental and vision coverage. Frankly, my health coverage was better than that of my parent. As millions of Americans grappled with skyrocketing health | Read More »


It’s no secret that Fox News hasn’t exactly been portrayed as the best place for women to work lately. Beginning with former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson publicly accusing former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment last year, a number of top executives at the conservative-leaning cable network, as well as Bill O’Reilly, host of the No. 1 rated program in cable news, | Read More »

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