Amy Schumer: If White NFL Players Don’t Kneel They Must Be RACIST!!


Get Me Out Of Here The long-awaited report of the  Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, is going to be released soon and yesterday gave us another hint why. As I wrote here yesterday at Red State DISAPPOINTMENT……. Mueller Probe Is A Dud. the signs of this report being released right after the election are all around us. Now, we have one more indication. Former Trump National | Read More »

Things are ramping up and it seems you can’t go out to eat anywhere without some crazed S.O.B’s getting up in your grill while at the grill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was out to eat with his wife on Friday night in Louisville when he was berated by some angry left wing nut jobs who wanted to ruin his dinner. According to TMZ … | Read More »

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