Yes, James Gunn’s Tweets Were Disgusting. No, He Should Not Have Been Fired by Disney

Brandon Morse

A few quickies for you today…. Branson tragedy It seems like we typically hear stories after a tragedy about how someone was lucky: missing a plane that crashed, etc. The duck boat tragedy seems like the opposite. According to this story, one of the people from the other boat said the second boat waited with them for 15-20 minutes to fix a mechanical problem on | Read More »

    As I wrote about Thursday, in light of Trump’s Russia fumbling over the last few days (covered here), and with congressional elections less than four months away, Republicans have rushed to take stances against Russia (see here). One such effort is a bill sponsored by Marco Rubio and Democrat Chris Van Hollen, which imposes sanctions on Russia for any electoral interference moving forward. | Read More »

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